Dan Simon


courtesy of Hans Dunlop

A bassist from the USA, Dan had a strong musical background beginning with his family. As son of a musical instrument dealer, Dan was exposed to many artists in many musical genres. He started playing classical guitar but it was not until high school that he found a true love for the bass. 

In high school and though out college Dan has played bass in many musical theater plays from the classics such as My Fair Lady, and the music of Leonard Bernstien to modern plays such as Baby. He attributes this experience to his interpretation of the many musical genres that he continues to play in.    

After college Dan moved to Chicago where he played and recorded with many local jazz and blues artists. He can be found on recordings from St. George and Norton Records with blues artists Andre Williams and Taildragger. He has toured with these artists in the US and in Europe.

He currently resides in Delft, The Netherlands where he continues to play and compose with many Dutch artists. Current projects include Cruise Control New Quintet, Rotterdam Jazz Lab, Jazz Mess, P&Q, The Great Bebop Saxophone Quintet,  Zo Jazz Lounge featuring Graziella Hunsel Rivero, Ron Walker with Wouter Kiers and has recorded 4 albums with the Leidse band Oak (now Olivier’s Army) on The Electric Co. / Universal Records, Bart Egeter, and Cruise Control.